How to eat clean with a busy lifestyle



Eating clean and staying health takes dedication and hard work. Fast food is becoming more and more accessible with drive-thru and deliveries, and it can often seem like the only option for fitting meals into a busy schedule. As work piles up and as life starts to get in the way healthy eating falls further and further down the priorities list. To stop this from being the case, we’ve narrowed down a few tips that we think will help those busy go-getters keep their diet as clean and tidy as their schedules.

The cliché, but extremely important, don’t skip breakfast. Waking up to that pre-dawn alarm screaming in your ear certainly isn’t the way to get your mind started in the positive setting it needs to be in for the busy day ahead. Taking time each morning to sit and eat a breakfast meal will not only give you more time to wake up it will ensure your sugar levels are right where you need them to be for your mind to stay focused and able to work hard for the rest of the day. 

Keep drinking water. It’s far too easy to reach for the caffeinated beverages that you think will ply you with the energy you necessary to get through the day. However, health experts have linked coffee with increased stress hormones, which will not only help everyday feel like a Monday it could also have negative effects on your digestive system. Not only this, the caffeine could disturb your sleeping pattern which will have a negative domino effect as you tell yourself you need them extra calories to feel a bit more awake the next day. 

You’ve got every meeting, phone call and event written in permanent ink in your diary and we suggest it’s time that meal slots are treated the same. Making time to eat is important to provide the correct nutrients and vitamins to keep your body working, your immune system intact and your energy levels correct for you to face the day. Having set meal times that are the same each day has also been proven to have its own health benefits you become very aware of when and what you’re eating and the necessity for snacking becomes less apparent.  However, if you find yourself sat in your office with your mind wandering to the thought of snacks then make sure you’re substituting those chocolate and crisps for fruit and granola.  

Now we’ve discussed the ‘when’ it’s important to think about the ‘what’ of clean eating. I’m sure nothing seems simpler at lunch than to nip and get a local meal deal; cheap and easy. However, we suggest meal prepping on weekends or evenings will ensure you’re sticking to healthy foods and will even save you extra time on your dinner hour. There’s a lot of recipes online for tasty, healthy meals that can be stored in plastic containers and reheated for safe consumption. It goes without saying, however, that professionals will often be expected to eat out with clients or for meetings. This is where will power must kick in and remember it may be all well and good that your client is paying the bill but that no longer means you need to buy the biggest, most expensive steak on the menu. Remember to choose the healthy option; salads, fish, vegetables, as difficult as it may be. 

Social media is often used to fill the sparse spare minutes of a busy person’s day, giving them thumbs a bit of exercise as you quickly catch up on how everyone else is spending their day. We suggest that by following health accounts it means your mind is staying focused on just why you’re putting effort into that clean eating rather than being distracted. Motivation is always key and a tired mind will often need little reminders of why sticking to a regime is for the best. 

Therefore, you really don’t have to be left at a disadvantage with your health goals because you’re drowning in work commitments or because adult-ing is all a bit much. A little thought and preparation will keep you on track. 

Words by

Njorun Active