Mindful Movement: What Is It and How Do I Get Involved?



Just when you think you’re getting to grips with mindfulness, a new trend pops up. This time, it’s mindful movement. That’s the process of achieving a tuned-in, present and engaged state of mind through the movement of your body.

The new trend, combining fitness and mindfulness, that has taken off around the world. Want to find out more? Read on to discover if mindful movement is right for you and how you can start moving towards mindfulness

What is mindfulness?

To be mindful simply means attaining the quality of being conscious or aware of something. It’s a mental state achieved by concentrating all thoughts on the present moment. By focusing on the situation we’re in, considering our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and the environment, we can be truly aware and in control.

We’re all guilty of mindlessness at times. Think about it. Have you ever been driving somewhere to all of a sudden reach your destination with no memory of the journey? Or driven the wrong way because your brain has settled into autopilot? We’ve all been there.

And mindful movement…?

Mindful movement helps to connect your mind and body, making it easier to practice mindfulness easier. It isn’t a set class or routine – it’s a state of mind. Anything you can do to achieve a present state of mind, whilst being aware of your body and movements can be mindful.

Whether it’s running that transports you into a calm state, or you love to wind down with a relaxing yoga session, the choice is yours.

Typically, people achieve a state of mindfulness through yoga, Pilates, barre and similar exercises. The slow, long repetitive movements used in these classes can help to focus your mind and send you into a tranquil state. You also need to rely heavily on your body, being aware of each movement, which is easier when those movements are slow and controlled.

Where to get involved?

Don’t worry. You don’t have to travel for miles to try out mindful movement. There are plenty of online classes, like the one by Barre Body, that you can do at home. Be sure to set up a clear, empty space, with no distractions. There’s little point trying to reach a state of mindfulness if you’ve got a house full of loud, distracting gadgets or people. 

Ready to give it a go? Try taking an hour to yourself every day to rebalance your mind and body. Most importantly, be sure to let us know how it goes. Head over to our InstagramFacebook or Twitter and share your experiences with us.

Words by

Rob Truslove