Social Running Groups vs. Running Alone: Which is Best for Me?



New year, new you? Perhaps you want to improve your fitness, lose weight or train for a big race in 2019. Whatever your motivation, running is a great way to improve your physical and mental health in the new year and beyond.

Reducing stress, improving heart health, burning calories – running has a long list of benefits, all without the need for a gym membership. But should you start your new hobby alone, enlist a buddy to help you along the way or even join a running group? Keep reading as we compare running alone to running in a group…

Solo training

Running alone allows you to run at your own pace, which is particularly beneficial if you’re recovering from an injury. You can make sure that you’re not placing any additional stress on your body and avoid getting carried away keeping up with others.

Solo running also offers the chance to escape from the stresses of life and spend some time by yourself. For many, running is a form of mindfulness, allowing your mind to drift and indulge in some peace and quiet.

Running with others

Joining a running group or teaming up with friends undoubtedly makes you more accountable. If you’ve made plans to meet up with a training buddy, you’re much more likely to head out of the door than snooze your alarm and make excuses.

Running with others can also help to improve your sessions, encouraging you to hit targets that you may miss if you’re alone. Most importantly, you can get valuable tips, tricks and running advice from your fellow runners.

Which is best for you?

Both solo running and running with friends are great forms of exercise and offer a variety of positive benefits. Which is best for you? Most people find that a combination of both is a good way to get the best of both worlds.

While running alone offers the chance to tune into your body and set your own pace, you may miss out on the social nature of group running. So, mix it up, run alone on the days you want to unwind and get together with friends when you need a bit more motivation.

Do it your way

Whether you choose to go it alone or run with friends, you can do it in style with luxury activewear from Njorun Active. Head over to our Instagram or Twitter to share your progress with us – and be sure to keep us updated throughout 2019.

Words by

Rob Truslove