Top 10 tips to keeping fit at home



The life of the average 2017 civilian is go, go, go and busy, busy, busy. You’re expected to carefully balance work, social events, family and friends, as well as staying healthy and keeping fit, all of which is usually pretty complicated. We’re here to help make the latter a bit easier for those busy women out there by helping you keep fit easily in the comfort of your own home. 

Fitness DVDs

A cheaper and much less time consuming substitute for a gym class and luckily for you Fitness DVDs are now in abundance as every celebrity wants to share their magical routine of fitness. With a bit of research, it should be very easy to find the best one for you that uses up just the right amount of time you have spare.

YouTube Videos

Not much different but they’re even cheaper than fitness DVDs, YouTube offers an array of fitness videos. Social media is truly a beautiful thing and you can find many trainers, celebrities and experts who are more than willing to upload the perfect set of home workouts.

Exercise Equipment

It seems obvious, but, investing in your own equipment, will definitely save you time. Treadmills, cross trainers, kettlebells and weights are all easily accessible from sport shops ranging in price and style to fit your home perfectly. Having the equipment so easily accessible will be much more motivational as you don’t have that extra pain of having to take yourself out to the gym. The fact you’ve paid for it will most likely be an extra push to wake up and start exercising right at home.

Taking the Stairs

Why pay for equipment when your house is fitted with some? Fitness experts have worked out that, on average, taking a flight of stairs can burn 12 calories at a time. A bit of time spent working out on them and you’ve found yourself the ultimate home exercise. 

Clean eating

The side of fitness that often gets forgotten about is a healthy diet. Drinking plenty of water, including your 5-a-day and portioning your meals correctly can help your fitness levels massively. Eating the correct foods will help you to feel energised and it has been proven that it can give a much more positive mental outlook, setting you up for everything else in your busy schedule. 


Ensuring that you’re getting up from the sofa every now and then or from your office chair can have big health benefits by getting your muscles moving, increasing your blood flow and it will improve your posture. The little things really do make a difference.


Taking the idea of stretching to a whole new level is Yoga. This has become a much more popular form of exercise that can be done easily from your living room, and is often a peaceful exercise to start your day off. Yoga improves your flexibility, your muscle strength and helps maintain a balanced metabolism. Information on Yoga is easily accessible on the internet so the only thing you’d need to invest in to partake at home is your own mat! 


Believe it or not just doing that mundane task of weeding your garden path can help work towards being fit, 30 mins of it can, on average, burn 182 calories. With all the lifting, digging, mowing and planting gardening works them major muscles, gets your body stretching and you can even make sure the neighbours are envious of how on top of your garden you are.


Yes unfortunately, for those who usually put them off, chores can be a great way of keeping fit at home. Mopping the floor, hoovering and dusting are all physical activity that if done strenuously could help work those muscles and keep you fit. It may not be the ideal gym alternative, but every little certainly helps in keeping fit.


With the ever-changing smartphone and internet, technology has put accessible fitness information and regimes right at our fingertips. From Nike Training Club to MYFITNESSPAL there are plenty of free applications that help monitor your daily exercise. Monitoring how much (or even how little…eek) exercise you do in a day can be a real motivational push to keep on doing more. 

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Njorun Active