What Is Eco-Friendly Fashion?



From the high street to online stores, sustainability is the new buzz-word in the fashion world. But what exactly does it mean for brands to produce eco-friendly, sustainable fashion? Are brands actually taking climate change seriously?

In this post we go beyond the buzz to truly understand the importance of eco-friendly fashion and the impact our clothing choices can have on the environment…

A closer look at ‘eco-fashion’

Words like ‘sustainable’ and ‘organic’ are thrown around a lot, - from organic materials to sustainable packaging and eco-friendly shipping. The question is – can the clothing industry really be eco-friendly? And what exactly is meant by the term ‘eco’?

At the core, eco-fashion is about making clothes in an environmentally friendly way, that takes into account the consumers, the resources and the working conditions. It encompasses everything from the raw materials right through to the factories, manufacturers and logistics.

As climate change becomes an even more pressing issue, it’s not only important for consumers to wake up, but also the entire clothing industry. By stepping away from ‘fast fashion’, brands can make a conscious effort to help minimise their impact on the environment.

The problem with ‘fast fashion’

So, what is exactly is ‘fast fashion’? Put simply, clothes that are made cheaply, in bulk and with poor materials. These are then sold for incredibly low prices and have a quick turnaround. The problem with this is that the materials are sourced from low-quality and often toxic textiles, which can easily fall apart and degrade.

This can have a big impact on the environment, affecting not only natural resources but also the people who make the clothes. Especially if consumers are throwing away these items, only to repurchase more on a continuous cycle.

How can you make eco-friendly choices?

For consumers, changing the way in which you interact with fashion and buy clothes can have a BIG impact. For starters, avoid lower-cost ‘fast-fashion’ and choose clothing that is better quality and will last longer. By investing in sustainable, quality brands you will lower your impact and look good doing it. You can work together with ethical brands, making a conscious choice to put eco-friendly fashion first.

Our ethical approach

At Njorun Active, we want to play our part in eliminating fast-fashion. We’re an activist for change, aiming to reduce the impact of the fashion industry on the environment – and we encourage you to join us. Each brand we work with is carefully chosen, not only for their individual style, but for their ethical approach to fashion.

Njorun Active aims to empower our customers to make eco-friendly choices with each of our brands, whether that’s in the gym or relaxing at home. To get involved take a look at our range of stylish, ethical gym clothes and have your say over on our Instagram - where we share all things fitness and lifestyle.

Words by

Rob Truslove