What the Oxford English Dictionary Doesn’t Tell You About Women’s Gym Leggings



The English dictionary defines ‘leggings’:

1. ‘Tight-fitting stretch trousers, typically worn by women or girls’

2. ‘Strong protective over garments for the legs’

However here, at Njorun, we think they’re so much more.


This may be a bit of a ‘duh’ moment, but if there’s one thing gym leggings should always be defined as it is comfortable, something the dictionary leaves out completely. Jeans can be great but they definitely don’t provide the comfort or support that gym leggings do. Feeling relaxed brings about all kinds of good things, lower stress levels is a happy life, so even something as small as switching the denim for that shape retaining fabric can do nothing but good. 


There may not be statistics to back it up but I think we all know that when you feel comfortable it’s so much easier to feel confident, and what’s comfier than the perfect pair of gym leggings? We believe that the right pair of gym leggings can be a brilliant source of a woman’s confidence. With celebrities, social media and all types of new airbrushing technology it isn’t easy to manage or consolidate self-esteem today and so finding a piece of clothing that highlights the beautiful, natural shape of your body can only lead to body positivity! 


It’s no new concept to ‘dress for the occasion’ but this is well and truly being overtook by dressing for purpose. Gym clothing exerts a mood and appearance that you’re dressed ready to achieve something today; be it a high intensity work out, ticking off your to-do list or even just leaving the house. Gym leggings not only give the woman wearing them the ease to achieve they also just allow her to appear more productive on those days where effort isn’t coming easily. 


Staying dedicated to a fitness regime isn’t easy. Sometimes it’s much easier to convince yourself that that walk to the car or to the corner shop is sufficient exercise for the day. Yet, when you easily put on that perfect set of gym leggings – half the battle is done. You’re already dressed and ready to go, you may as well make the washing load worth it! Dressing the part will keep you motivated to get out the house and get to the gym, a professional always needs the correct tools, even down to the uniform. 


The array of patterns, styles and colours when choosing gym leggings are more than enough to brighten up your day. It’s been a popular strand of psychology proving that colours have an effect on our moods and emotions, so filling up the wardrobe with bright, warm reds, pinks and yellows etc. will bring nothing but positivity; the clashing excused by its ‘gym’ purpose. 


It’s no longer any type of fashion faux pas to be going about your normal day to day business in your gym clothes, in fact as trend has it these days, it puts you on the fashion radar. Gym leggings are no longer just what you wear to work out, they’re a way of life. Putting on a quality pair no longer makes you stand out for dressing lazily, instead it makes you stand out for looking good! Women are wearing them to shop, to go out to eat, even to work. 

The academics know what they’re talking about but their dictionary definition of women’s gym leggings leaves so much out. The right pair can alter the way people see and feel about gym wear and can get a girl looking happy and on trend. 

Words by

Abbie Johnson

Abbie is a content writer for UK based Digital Agency MadeByShape and has a passion for creating real articles that inform and engage.