Why you SHOULD buy gym leggings as a Christmas present



December is the season filled with joy, laughter and gift giving but is also notorious for being the season of overeating, over indulging and over spending. You’re getting up for work in the dark, cold morning and leaving work on the dark, cold evenings. The days feel shorter, your to-do list seems longer and the gym falls off your radar completely. You’re being inundated with Christmas lists, Christmas parties and Christmas meals all of which convince you that going to the gym would be an absolute waste of time. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t plan ahead!

It has become almost tradition that as the hustle and bustle of Christmas is over and New Year’s Eve approaches that many people have the overwhelming urge to make resolutions, join the gym and start a new regime. New diets are started as the realisation of the Christmas calorific overload sets in and there is a mass feeling of guilt in those who have absent-mindedly enjoyed the festive period. Excuses are made for every bit of food consumed or alcoholic beverage drunk, with people telling themselves ‘I’m getting back at the gym next week.’ 

Due to this, January is the month that everyone becomes a fitness fanatic; money is spent on the best versions of gym-goer essentials as people are convinced that professional apparatus forms professional results. Buying gym leggings as a gift for those closest to you, who you know will be planning on hitting the gym as the January membership sales begin, is not only a thoughtful gift but also one that will save them money in the New Year. You’ll be the hero who got them back to the gym or, if the resolutions don’t go quite to plan, the hero who stops them from wasting their own money!

Gifting gym gear can often cause a bit of unease. There often seems to be a very fine line between a gift that says “I bought you this to help you with your hobby” and one that says “I bought you this because I’ve noticed you need to attend the gym.” It doesn’t harm to be cautious about who you’re planning on gifting gym leggings to for Christmas – for example, we’d suggest maybe NOT putting it in for your work’s secret Santa, unless you want to sit alone in the staff room. 

If trying to decide whether or not to gift gym leggings for Christmas is all too much for you, then get them on your own Christmas list instead! If you receive gym leggings as a gift this will get you in the correct mind-set to start exercising for a number of reasons. Firstly, you will feel an obligation to use the present that someone has given you – no one wants to see something that they’ve spent money on going to waste! Also, exchanging gifts has been scientifically proven to improve a person’s mood as certain hormones are released ; this positive, happy, holiday feeling may quite well encourage you to get  back into the gym, motivated and ready for exercise – everyone loves a treat!

So, don’t be feeling too guilty if you’ve altered your gym schedule, had a few mince pies and indulged in boxes of chocolates. Your Christmas gift exchanging could be made useful in making the festive season the catalyst to sparking off your (or even your family and friends’) fitness motivation, in time for the New Year. 

Words by

Njorun Active